We have listed the most frequently asked questions below

  • Is there a minimum age to carry out this activity ? +

    To access our courses, height and age are important. Children who measure more than 1m can go on the Children’s Course (approx. 4 – 8 years old), participants who are more than 6years old can go on the Junior Course and participants who measure more than 1m35 can go on the Grand Course (approx. over 10). We can measure your children on site. Our staff have the right to turn down anyone who does not fulfil these conditions.
  • Is there a maximum weight to carry out this activity ? +

    YES: The maximum weight to carry out our courses is 130kg. To carry out the SKYFALL, you have to be less than 130kg.
  • Does the entrance fee give access to more than 1 course ? +

    NO: our prices are according to which course you select. Each of our courses, the Children’s Course , the Junior Course the Grand Course consist of at least 3 loops of increasing difficulty. We also have a selection of other activities to prolong your adventure.
  • How long does the activity take ? +

    It all depends on the participant’s physical condition, his/her experience on this type of activity of the course chosen and on how busy the course is. The following times are therefore given as an indication only. On average each loop takes 15-30min, 1h for the Children’s Course, 1h30 for the Junior Course and 2h for the Grand Course.
  • Must I pre-book ? +

    Pre-booking is recommended either by mail  (the forms can be found on our website) or by phone. Your booking is confirmed once you have received our confirmation. We therefore recommend that you book 24h in advance.
  • Do I have to book for a group ? +

    YES: you must pre-book our formulas. A deposit will be required to confirm your event, but will only be cashed if our general conditions are not respected. An estimate will be drafted specifying the date, time and event details and price. The estimate will become valid once you have confirmed your agreement and this will also confirm the booking. We recommend that you book at least 72h ahead.
  • How do I cancel or postpone ? +

    Our courses are accessible even if it rains. In case you wish to postpone, please advise us as least ½ day ahead by email or by phone. We will do our best to find another suitable date.
  • How do I cancel or postpone a group event ? +

    Our courses are accessible even if it rains. In case you have to postpone your event, please advise us by email or by phone at least 24h before the event. We will do our best to find another suitable date. Your deposit will not be cashed.
  • Do I need specific clothing ? +

    YES: sports clothes are recommended and closed shoes are complusary (no Crocs, sandals or flip flops). Long hair must be tied back, glasses must be attached and scarves and jewelry must be removed.  You can leave your personal belongings at the reception cabin but we cannot be held responsible for any loss or theft.
  • Do you provide gloves ? +

    NO: gloves are not part of our equipment as they are not required on our zip lines. If you want to wear gloves for more comfort, bring some cycling gloves along.
  • Do I have to back long hair ? +

    YES: we provide elastic bands on site.
  • Can I use my own equipment ? +

    NO: our equipment is compliant with the European standard and must undergo daily inspections. Each kit (harness, lanyard, Pouliz and helmet) is numbered and has a corresponding index card which allows us to have an updated IT file for each kit.
  • How are particpants equipped ? +

    We equip each participant, you are not allowed to remove and put your equipment back on before the end of the course, without an instructor.
  • What is the safety brief ? +

    We take you through all the safety instructions which you then put to practice on a few obstacles before you can go on the course. We ask you to pay attention during the brief as we have the right to forbid you from accessing the course if you are not able to.
  • Do I have to accompany my children in the trees ? +

    NO: our courses are equipped with a continuous belay system, children above 5 and taller than 1.10m can do the course alone. We just require that an adult, for 8 minor participants, within the follows the children from the ground. An adult will be required to accompany those children who are less than 1.10m tall and below 5.
  • Can I follow the participants from the ground ? +

    YES: you can accompany participants on the trails throughout the forest. You will have to stick to the trails and and follw the instructions given during the safety brief. In case of a problem you can inform our Acor’Aventures easily identifiable instructors. Smoking is forbidden in the forest and dogs must be kept on leads.
  • Do your instructors follow the participants ? +

    After the safety brief, the instructors do rounds in the forest while the participants evolve independently on the activities. The instructors check on the participants and assist if necessary. A whistle in a sterilised bag can be found on your harness to be used in case of difficulty only.
  • What safety system is used on your courses ? +

    We have the KOALA EQUIPMENT continuous belay system which allows you to always be connected to the lifeline on all crossings and zip lines without ever having to disconnect or manipulate carabiners. You can find information on: http://koala-equipment.com/en/blog/4-continuous-belay-system
  • What happens if there is a storm ? +

    Our instructors will help you to safely finish the activity as quickly as possible in case of a storm, strong wind or particularly heavy rain. The course will close down temporarily until the weather improves. If you were less than 1hr into the course and in case we cannot re-open you will be given a voucher to be used another time.
  • What are your reimbursement terms ? +

    You can be reimbursed under the following circumstances: 1)you decide not to do the course after the safety brief 2)you have completed the 1st loop but you don’t feel physically or mentally capable of going any further. In case of bad weather conditions: see above.
  • Are our cards valid for more than 1 day ? +

    NO: you card is valid for 1 day. You can have a break but once you have left the site it is definite.
  • Do you accept chèques-vacances ? +

    YES: we accept chèques-vacances even at our Snackbar but we cannot give any change back.
  • Can I pay with a bank card ? +

    YES: you can pay on site with cash or a credit card. We do not accept American Express however.
  • Can we bring a picnic ? +

    YES: we have a picnic area(bins are provided)
  • Can we eat there ? +

    We have a snack bar which sells drinks and snacks
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