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New in 2019

A fun activity with family or friends jumping and bouncing on large suspended nets, providing sensations similar to those you experience on a huge trampoline. No harness or other specific equipment is required as safety is ensured by nets surrounding the entire structure. Below the nets at ground level, try our challenge course which requires agility and quite a bit of energy as the objective is to get through all the obstacles without ever putting a foot on the ground.

Pants, long sleeves & closed shoes with smooth soles are recommended (please avoid hiking footwear).

1 to 2h
All ages
15€ / participant

Acro Aventures Shoes
Sports clothes are recommended and closed shoes are compulsary (no Crocs, sandals or flip flops)

Acro Aventures Card
You can pay by cash or card (no American Express)

Acro Aventures Acc
Adult supervision is compulsary for users younger than 18 years old : you can follow them from the forest footpath

Picto Masque Bon

Mask compulsory from 10 years old

Pre-booking is necessary and face masks must be worn as of age 10. Thank you!
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