• Junior Course

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An intermediate course consisting of the 2 hardest loops on the Children's Course and the 2 easiest loops on the Grand Course, the Acro’Aventures Junior Course is ideal for children who want to take a little more height and a good compromise for people not wishing to venture too high. Between 3 and 12m above the ground, this is an exciting way to discover the Forest at Les Rocailles in Reignier, Haute Savoie in France. You will evolve in full safety on a continuous belay system without ever having to disconnect thanks to KOALA EQUIPMENT’s POULIZ 2.0,One and a half hours of fun and adventure for young and old!

  • Duration
  • 1h30
  • Min. Age
  • 6years
  • Tarif
  • 18€ / participant

> Adult supervision from the ground recommended for users younger than 18
> You can follow the users from the forest footpath

⚠ Sports clothes are recommended and closed shoes are compulsary (no Crocs, sandals or flip flops)

  • Special offer (1)
  • REIGNIER-ESERY residents : -5€

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(1) Discount on the purchase of each Junior Course at Acro’Aventures Reignier upon presentation of an ID and proof of residence. Only one reduction per participant, cannot be combined with any other advantages. Not available for SCIENTRIER, PERS-JUSSY et ARBUSIGNY.